Hello, Véronique here, and welcome to my website! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! I have lots of content coming your way, so stay tuned 😉

I’m not a one subject kind of gal, so I couldn’t let my website be that either! This is the schedule that I have prepared:

Mondays: I’ll be reviewing a piece of art, music, literature, video game story or a character analysis. This will rotate every week.

Tuesdays: An article related to writing, whether I share where I’m at in my writing journey, an essay or some writing advice.

Wednesdays: This I have named Word Wizard Wednesday! This segment will explore obscure words, what they mean and my thoughts on them.

Thursdays: A rotation of Bookish DIY projects, Bookish item reviews and Healthy recipes for writers.

Fridays: A piece from my personal creative writing collection. I will rotate between micro-fiction and poetry.

I hope you enjoy the variety! 🙂