Poetry – ”Puppet Master”

This is a little free verse poem I wrote based on a dream I had last night.

I never thought of something this tragic,
Being haunted by a faded mirror.
One side of me is romantic,
And the other is like a thriller.

A sleepless night and a dream of something eerie.
I paint a picture of the final scene,
I hear the sound of painful silence,
And am blinded by the fear of being tragic.

Kiss me or gaze upon the final scene,
Sing the song about an endless quest,
A passion like a love affair between fire and ice,
Troubled, powerful, obsessed.

Another early morning roaring.
Surrounded by an endless form of fiction,
A world without protection from the haunting,
Dreams of being treated like a villain.

Alone without another life,
I accept my villainous urges.
I see your picture like a fallen angel,
I’m plagued by your dark infatuation.

I’ve awoken from an empty shell and splatter.
I feel the power like an evil creature,
Being taken by a puppet master,
Flesh and soul against the human eater.

I promise that not all of my work is dark! Although I have to admit, sometimes it feels good to write this way. It helps get out the darkness that sometimes plagues my mind.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and interpretations of this piece 🙂






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