Poetry – “Quantulum”


I never had an easy combination.
The truth is such a systematic error,
You and me without a new relation,
Haunted by the fear of constant pressure.

Being taken by an old relation,
Looking at the wind velocity,
Giving me a new consideration,
The love of my inner biology.

Recover from whoever you despise,
Better yet protected than face fear.
An eye upon a face without replies,
Never see the way of being clear.

A better way of doing anything,
I never could forgive or even try!
The breath of silence changes everything,
Nothing touches me without reply.

Another way of doing anything.
Even see the people everywhere,
Never ever really had a fling,
The very thought of making you aware…

Is such an awfully wonderful thing to talk about.
Your attention makes my heart sting,
Walking through the world with plenty of doubt,
Feeling like a part of anything.

Maybe then again without a doubt!
I never thought of doing anything,
Nothing ever felt the same without,
You reminded me of everything.

A little something totally sincere.
Whether you believe or justified,
A better way of going through the clear,
Never ever really satisfied.


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